Cardiac Pulmonary Care

Cardiac Pulmonary Care in Desoto, Texas

Community Connection Home Health has the advanced technology and skilled medical professionals to provide Cardiac Pulmonary Care to elderly and disabled patients. Every person’s heart and lung conditions are highly important that’s why we put an equally critical effort and quality in our services concerning these two vital organs.

We cater every need your health requires beginning from diagnosis up to your specific treatment program. Electrocardiograms or EKGs, echocardiography, Pulmonary Function Tests (PFTs), systemic arterial blood gas analysis, and pulse oximetry are among the necessary assessments needed to determine one’s condition and therapy course.

Having issues with the heart and lungs could affect one’s lifestyle. But it does not always have to come down to a less enjoyable one as long as you have the proper rehabilitation plan. For a personalized Cardiac Pulmonary Care plan, please call Community Connection Home Health at 972-224-9911 for Health Care Solutions in Osprey Drive Desoto, Texas.

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