Catheter Care

Catheter Care in Desoto, Texas

Clearly, self-care by the patient with a catheter is almost impossible and having it taken care of by a loved one can be quite risky without the proper training. Catheter care requires skill and experience.

Here are some particulars on how to manage catheter changes:

  • Always wash and sanitize hands before and after handling catheter.
  • Check if the urine is flowing into the urine bag.
  • Check if tubes are not intertwined.
  • Keep the urine bag below bladder level.
  • Take off the drain spout from its sleeve at the bottom of the collection bag and then open the valve on the spout and allow the urine to ooze out from the urine bag. Remember to never let the tube or drain spout get into contact with anything.
  • Wipe off any fluids at the tip of the drain spout, close the valve and put the drain spout back into the sleeve.

When taking care of an individual with catheter, it is important to also:

  • Check for any signs of infection in the catheter area such as inflammations, pus, rashes, and the like
  • Clean with soap and water the catheter area twice a day every day and pat it dry with a clean towel
  • Not to apply anything to the skin close to the catheter area such as powder, lotion, creams, etc
  • Be careful not to tug or pull on the catheter

In no time, you will be without a catheter but it is very crucial that while you are on it, you are taken care of properly to avoid further health problems. Our nurses will take care of you at home!

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