Tracheotomy Care

Tracheotomy Care in Desoto, Texas

Having a tracheotomy requires a truly sanitary, gentle, and skilled care. Community Connection Home Health provides the most careful care for individuals with a tracheotomy.

It is very important that the tube is clean. And there are certain precautionary measures to be taken in case the tube gets clogged, or when the patient coughs. There are some things a person in this condition cannot do. And even the basic activities like taking a shower, and eating needs special attention.

Complex as it may seem, having a tracheotomy should not worry you a lot because our nurses at Community Connection Home Health will take care of you step by step to keep you healthy and safely recovering in your home.

For inquiries about this service and other Health Care Solutions in Osprey Drive Desoto, Texas, please call 972-224-9911 or send a service request online.

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