Quick Solutions to Common Minor Ailments At Home

Quick Solutions to Common Minor Ailments At Home

Seniors often experience different minor ailments even when they are in the vicinity of their own homes. These ailments may be very common but if left untreated, they may become chronic conditions. Also, these common minor ailments can be signs and symptoms of a greater health problem.

Community Connection Home Health, a trusted provider of Health Care in Desoto, Texas, believes that you can treat these minor common ailments without the need for an appointment with your doctors. We understand your conditions very well.

  • Back Pain

    This condition can often be treated with OTC drugs and self-care strategies. Try hot or cold compression provided by big pharmacies or you can make a do-it-your own compression pack. When you are sitting down, you can put on pillows below your knee area while you are lying on your back. Experts advise that you should keep moving around and avoid staying in one position for a long time. Take care of your back also when lifting objects.

  • Clogged nose

    Cases of a stuffy or clogged nose can clear for about 2-4 days without treatment and just hydration because the body also has its own capability of fighting bacteria and infection. However, viruses can be a great enemy that your body cannot fight off alone. Colds and flu are commonly caused by a physical response towards the contracted virus.

    OTC decongestant sprays can help relieve you from having a stuffy nose. But most experts say that it is not recommendable to use decongestants for more than 5-7 days and only use them when symptoms get really bad for the time being.

    You can always inhale steam from showering warm water or a bowl of soup. It can loosen and soften the mucus buildup in your nasal area. Eucalyptus oil and menthol can also be added to provide a soothing effect. However, if symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

  • Migraines

    These episodes are stronger forms of headaches that impede you from doing your daily activities. The primary factor of migraines is stress so you should watch out for your stress levels by practicing breathing properly. Caffeinated food and drinks also increase risks of having migraines.

    Surprisingly, strenuous exercise can cause some people to get migraines while others have exercise to prevent them. It would also be best to keep track of the bouts of migraines and possible triggers. For older adults, it would be best to monitor their medications as particular medications can produce migraines as side effects.

    Painkillers are often the number one choice for migraines; however, these are known to be very effective on the first signs of a migraine attack. Also, you can get them through combination medicines. This means a single dose can both be a painkiller and an anti-sickness medicine for a migraine which can be bought without a prescription.

  • Coughs

    Like colds, cough can be brought by bacteria, an allergen, or a virus. Experts affirmed that antibiotics are not effective with coughs that are caused by a virus. However, cough clears up over time once the virus gets beaten. It is important that even if you are dealing with OTCs and you already have a compromised immune system, it would be best for you or your elderly loved ones to consult your doctor.

    Your or your elderly loved ones should stay hydrated. Lozenges are also often recommended by clinical experts that soothe sore throat going along with coughs. Smoking can also cause coughs; so, you should try to stop smoking.

  • Sprains and strains

    A sprain is an injury in one of your joints while a strain is often caused by overstretching that usually happens in the back or legs. There are different medical treatments that can be done at home for sprains and strains. The famous P.R.I.C.E. (Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) technique is often used by healthcare experts when dealing with these joint problems.

Know more about the common ailments that your elders have or might encounter in the future. Call Community Connection Home Health, a reliable provider of Health Care in Desoto, Texas, today! You can also leave your comments and suggestion below!


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